Information from customers (including interested parties) and other persons

As a customer and as a prospective customer or other interested party, we process your personal data primarily for the purpose of justifying and fulfilling a contractual relationship concluded with you or based on a legitimate interest. Your data will be collected, stored and, if necessary, passed on to us as far as necessary to provide the contractually agreed service, to provide information, carry out direct marketing activities or other activities of our business. Failure to provide it may result in the contract being unable to be concluded. In addition, we process your data only if you have consented to the processing or another legal permission.

Purposes of data processing

We process your personal data in order to achieve the following purposes in connection with the initiation and execution of a contractual relationship or other activities in the interest of the company:

  • the contract (including shipping, after-sales, complaint management)
  • communicating with business partners about products, services and projects as well as answering inquiries, customer service
  • of existing customer advertising, use as a selection criterion for direct marketing, in order to be able to offer you a customized service
  • the credit check
  • the management of our customer and supplier relationships, dealer support
  • the quality management
  • the improvement and development of intelligent and innovative services
  • the customer analysis to the market and opinion polls
  • the handling of our logistics / materials management
  • reporting on our company
  • compliance with legal or contractual requirements

Settlement of litigation, enforcement of contracts and assertion, defense and exercise of legal claims, detection and prosecution of fraudulent and other unlawful acts.

In addition, we process your data only with your express consent.


Data types processed by us

The following personal data will be processed:

  • Contact details; Name, address, phone number
  • Identification / payment data; Account number, VAT ID no.
  • Order data; Quantity, turnover, intervals
  • spatial data; Addresses, delivery conditions
  • Image data; Photos and video recordings as part of corporate events and trade fair appearances
  • other data; Other required information related to the business relationship or which has been voluntarily provided as well as from publicly available sources

Categories of recipients

The personal data will be transmitted to regulatory authorities, judicial institutions / auditors to the extent necessary. If we are under a legal obligation to do so, we will disclose your information to the appropriate authority upon request.

In part, we use external service providers to process your data. These service providers were carefully selected by us, commissioned in writing and are bound by our instructions. Our service providers are regularly monitored by us. The service providers will not disclose your data to third parties, but delete them after fulfillment of the contract and the conclusion of legal storage periods, as far as you have not consented to an additional storage. These are, for example:

  • Bank, payment service
  • IT service
  • Marketing service

Legal bases of processing

Legal bases for the processing of your data are in particular:

  1. Art. 6 para. 1 lit. a) on the basis of your consent, whereby no contract is required for a contract or the continuation of an existing contract,
  2. Art. 6 para. 1 lit. b) the creation, implementation and termination of a contractual relationship;
  3. Art. 6 para. 1 lit. c) to fulfill a legal obligation,
  4. Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f) to safeguard a legitimate interest

Our legitimate interests lie in the achievement of the above purposes and beyond, e.g. in:

  • Perception of our business interests, including direct marketing and credit checks,
  • the enhancement of efficiency and effectiveness potential, also in cooperation with partners and possibly affiliated companies,
  • Ensuring compliance with safety regulations, requirements, industry standards and contractual obligations;
  • the assertion, exercise or defense of legal claims,
  • avoidance of damage and / or liability of the company through appropriate measures
  • the implementation of information and communication measures, including advertising.
  • reporting on company information.

Data that is brought by third parties

Possibly. we are provided with data from third parties, e.g. as part of recommendations. In this case, it is usually contact information associated with data on specific product or service needs.

Possibly. We collect data from credit reporting agencies regarding credit ratings and / or negative characteristics.

Memory duration

After the achievement of the respective purpose, your data will be deleted in compliance with the legal retention periods.

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