Information from applicants

When you apply for a job in our company, we process and store your personal information.

We take your privacy very seriously and would like to inform you about the handling of your application data.

Purpose of data collection

Before entering our company or during the application process, we process your personal data solely for the purpose of establishing a contractual relationship to the extent required.

Data types processed by us

The following personal data types are regularly processed:

  • Applicant data; Name date of birth, curriculum vitae, nationality / work permit, etc. for selection, recruitment, entry and exit management,

  • private contact details; Address, telephone number, email (for the purpose of establishing contact),

  • Data as part of the personnel screening; (for example, a certificate of good conduct, reliability test (ZUP)), 

  • Possibly. Data subject to professional secrecy; e.g. Data on health fitness and any limitations, 

  • other data in personnel administration; Severe disability (if relevant), driving license

We do not require information from you that is not recoverable under the General Equal Treatment Act (race, ethnic origin, gender, pregnancy, physical or mental illness, trade union membership, religion or belief, disability, age, sexual identity) or sex life).


We ask that you do not transmit such data to us. The same applies to content that is likely to infringe rights of third parties (for example, copyrights, ancillary copyrights or other intellectual property rights, press rights or general rights of third parties).

Legal bases of processing

  • for the establishment, implementation and termination of a contractual relationship pursuant to Art. 6 para. 1 lit.b) i.V.m. §26 BDSG (version from 25.5.2018),

  • to fulfill a legal obligation under Art. 6 (1) (c)),

  • in the case of processing for the protection of a legitimate interest according to Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f)

  • as well as on the basis of a consent of you by voluntarily providing data that are not absolutely necessary for the purpose (such as hobbies in the CV) (such is, however, in principle for a contract or the continuation of an existing contract not required) under Art. 6 Abs 1 lit a).

Our legitimate interests are established, for example. in:

  • the optimization of application processes,

  • Ensuring compliance with safety regulations, requirements, industry standards and contractual obligations ,

  • the assertion, exercise or defense of legal claims, 

  • avoidance of damage and / or liability of the company through appropriate measures.

Categories of recipients

  • Internal receivers according to the "need to know" principle

Clear deadlines

After the achievement of the respective purpose, your data will be deleted. However, data is retained for as long as necessary to defend legal claims. The storage period is usually 6 months. If your profile has been transmitted to us by a personnel service provider and there are commission claims of this service provider, the retention period may be up to their fulfillment or limitation period. Insofar as accounting-relevant processing has been carried out, such as the reimbursement of travel expenses, the data required for this purpose will be provided in compliance with statutory retention periods, i.d.R. 6 or 10 years, deleted. If the application was successful and we conclude a contract with you, we transfer the data collected during the application process into our personnel file.

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